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Copper Knee Sleeve

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Copper infused knee sleeve and knee brace

The healing properties and health benefits of copper now infused into nylon fibers to creating a firm comfortable fitting, breathable, superior compression sleeve that will increase performance and aid in speeding up sports injury recovery and arthritis pain relief.

The healing properties of copper have been well documented through the ages going as far back as the Egyptians.


The human body is reliant on a healthy balance of copper intake in our diet. The medical profession has well documented research on the healing properties or copper and its ability to disable bacteria to reduce infections, increase recovery and reduce body odors.


The technology of infusing copper particles into nylon threads means that all the great healing and enhancements of copper are now available in a copper infused knee sleeve.



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Product Benefits


Compression sleeve provides comfortable compression for everyday use


Specially designed silicone upper band under top elasticated rim helps sleeve stay in place


Contains high copper PPM - 88% copper nylon, 12% spandex - the copper is infused into the fabric and will not lose its effectiveness of time


Sleeve is designed to keep skin dry, the softness of the fabric gives the sleeve a natural fit.


Machine washable - use cold water. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Line dry only.

- Designed to offer sturdy stable support to your knees with a snug compression fit


- Increases recovery of knee pain symptoms and swelling


- Fast recovery during and after workouts, increasing blood circulation which helps lactic acid removal


- Specially designed breathable fabric that fits like a second skin


- Copper component creates the added protection of antibacterial and anti odor benefits


- Copper infused fabric promotes better blood circulation


- Strategically placed silicone band makes sure that the sleeve stays in place


- Flexibility of fabric supports your body's movement with no skin chafing or irritation


- Effective pain relief for arthritis sufferers

You can wear this compression copper knee sleeve everyday for prevention of muscle stress and joints stiffness!


Great for all levels of fitness enthusiasts and arthritis sufferers


arthritic patients




basketball players




Soccer players


Hockey players








martial artists










field and tack sports


cross trainers


gym workouts


training sessions


hikers/ Trekkers / Trampers


Office workers that sit or stand for long periods at a time


Long distance travellers on a plane and trains


The Copper Action knee sleeve is available in Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large


Please note that this is a  compression product and as such has a tight fit. If you are not comfortable with a tight fit then please select the next size up on the sizing chart provided in the product image section.


For a less tight fit, please select the next size up.

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  • COPPER TECHNOLOGY - Perfect for all activities and all seasons. 88% copper polyester / 12% spandex



  • COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY - A combination of compression technology and copper infused fibres promotes faster muscle recovery & blood circulation, & minimizes injury. Copper improves circulation and oxygenation of muscles during workout and after workout



  • EVERYDAY USE - Gentle compression allows for everyday use to enhance mobility for muscles and joints. Keeps you dry & comfortable even with longer use. Great for long distance travel and arthritis ailments.



  • COPPER BENEFITS - Copper is known to aid with anti bacterial and anti odor reduction



  • WELL DESIGNED - Silicone under top band helps sleeve stay in place. Fabric absorbs moisture to avoid chafing and rashes



Review this product for us and become part of our elite membership team with great discount benefits and free giveaways